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So what do we put your jam on? Pt. 1

This is a question we get asked all the time. Everyone says, “Well bread is obviously, but I can only eat so much toast!” I couldn’t agree more. Let’s call this “the pancake edition of so what do we put your jam on?”

We love pancakes in all forms at Harrow’s from cornbread pancakes/waffles, almond flour pancakes, and the good ole Bisquick kind (even the gluten free ones are great). We have a soft spot in our heart for anything King Arthur and we looooove their pancake mix, their measure-for-measure flour for pancakes from scratch, and their cornbread mix for making cornbread waffles (trust me on this one).

Now you are asking, cornbread waffles what? I heard this from my friend Sean and had to try it. Take any cornbread mix, I think it would probably work with a from scratch recipe, and use it like waffle batter. No joke, that simple. It aaaa-mazing!

This lead us to putting jams and curds on pancakes. If you want to shake things up and give something new a try, check out our jams on your pancakes or waffles. We even like to put peanut butter on them too!

These are our tried and true pairings:

-pancakes/waffles with butter and jam/curd

-pancakes/waffles with peanut butter and jam

-pancakes/waffles with ricotta and jam/curd

Please share your pairings! Pictures are a bonus.

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