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Our Story

Welcome to Harrow’s Garden. We are a crafter of small batch jams, butters, curds, and marmalades. We also bake muffins, scones, and breads to pair with them. We are located in Gowanus, Brooklyn and were conceived and founded in 2020 during the pandemic while we were socially distancing. Being stuck at home for a year has allowed us to spend a lot of time in the kitchen perfecting our products for our customers.


We come from a strong cooking and baking background and some of our fondest family memories are attached to the kitchen. We have always felt there were flavor profiles we wanted to see in the jam market that were not available or were filled with chemicals. At Harrow’s Garden, we choose our ingredients firsthand with a preference towards organics and locally grown produce as well as try to eliminate any chemicals in our production process. This is evident in our simple ingredient lists. We source our produce locally whenever possible and even travel across the east coast to procure seasonal produce for our products. Whenever possible, we partner with other local businesses to produce one-of-a-kind collaborations that bring original flavors to our customers.

We are also trying to work towards operating a zero-waste kitchen. We achieve this first by not purchasing or using any single-use plastics, and second, by using glass jars and metal lids that are reusable and recyclable that we will also buy back. We work to eliminated food waste whenever possible by using as much of the produce we purchase as possible and composting the limited amount of discarded food matter. By purchasing locally whenever possible, we support local farmers and we also lower our carbon footprint. We use eco-friendly cleaning products whenever possible and our sponges are even biodegradable. When out at expos and markets, we use biodegradable sample cups and utensils that we compost when we return back to our kitchen. 

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