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Where to Find Us



They offer a door-to-door service where you can order farm-fresh produce and they will swap it out with your compost scraps. The exchange is done on a weekly or biweekly basis in Groundcycle’s 5-gallon bin. Additionally, you can buy local products like kombucha, breads, cookies, maple syrup, and our jams.

Precycle - Bushwick

50 Cypress Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

Precycle is an eco-focused grocery store that uses zero plastics and focuses on reusable packaging and environmentally friendly products. You can either bring your own container or purchase a reusable container for bulk goods. Other non-bulk products come in reusable, biodegrable, and/or recyclable containers.


WTS  (What.The.Soap)

5316 Main Stret (Route 23) Windham, NY 12406

What The Soap is a family homemade soap company that also retails lotions, shampoos, body butters, and other bath items. Their goals, like ours, are to source as locally as possible for all our packaging and ingredients, helping to keep the local economy healthy. Also aligned with Harrow's ethos, WTS is concerned about the health of the Earth!  That's why they are constantly taking steps to lower their carbon footprint, as well as the footprint left behind by their products.  Presently, their home and workshop are completely SOLAR POWERED, all of their packaging is recyclable, and much of their packaging is made from recycled materials!

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